Salad Plants

And Vegetable Plants

This website provides an opportunity to buy salad plants for your garden without having to buy seeds and wait for them to grow. Seed is expensive, many people do not need a whole packet of seeds and seed can not be kept easily without deteriorating. This company provides small healthy organically grown plants by express mail order that can be planted where they are to mature for a reasonable price.


Healthy Food

Salads can provide the basis for a healthy diet.  Unfortunately, to raise salad from seed ideally requires a greenhouse and a lot of time.  The ground, if the open site is chosen,  needs to be very carefully prepared and there is a substantial wastage of seed as it has to be sown in rows -so as to identify which seedlings are salads and which are weeds.

Choice of Salads

Although salad plants notably lettuce can be readily obtained from nurseries if you are lucky enough to live near one. By ordering your plants from us we can provide a range of unusual salads, many of which can be harvested by taking a few leaves at a time.  And of course your salads will be fresh!


Seedlings can be supplied in small bio-degradable pots or in plugs. Plugs are separate seedlings grown in a container that holds four or more plants separately.  Which ever method of cultivating the plants from seed is used the little plants can be planted immediately on receipt into the ground.

Raised Beds or Open Ground

If you have a large garden you may prefer to use open ground, however many people have much smaller gardens and the method of cultivation using raised beds has several advantages.  A raised bed is accessible from either side and its ends.  This means that the ground does not have to be dug over as it will not be walked on. The plants can be planted much closer together as the gardener does not have to have access. The pathways between beds can be kept clear of weeds and mud and so gardening is cleaner and easier. My raised beds sides are wide enough to accommodate a wooden frame that has chicken wire fencing to deter animals and can be used to protect the plants.

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The original aim was to produce and supply plants, on reflection and for the present, it would seem prudent to act as an agent for nurseries that are already well equipped to cultivate plants from seed.  Alternatively, we are willing to discus the use of the website under the sole use of a single supplier.

 However, a small trial program of cultivating salad plants from seed is currently underway. In addition, a feasibility study is also being undertaken.